How is fashion influencing the minds of today’s millenial’s?

For you, what is fashion? Is it a bunch of material you throw on everyday in a mindless hope of comfort, or is it an art form that you present on yourself? Or neither? All, none or one is okay — and completely normal.

The media carves the image in youthful minds that we need to dress a certain way to be the beauty standard: to be worthy of a love interest. Though it may not be a love interest you want to impress, it may be a group of friends that you are longing to fit in with. Then comes the self sabotaging, analysing and dysmorphic images. Clothes are meant for comfort, and as an expression, an expression of which we can use to showcase our inner selves that words aren’t able to explain. The vibrant colours screaming our unique, bright, love we have to offer — or our neutral tones to express our serene, gentle and approachable aura.

With that said in recent times: the media’s approach to these concepts are ever evolving and coming forth with progessive ideas where all fashion, body types and expression is accepted. Candice Huffine a model, marathon finisher and fashion designer: has previously stated ‘we are proud, strong and stylish…same as anyone else— just with extra curves’ such a figure as herself is increasing the normality of being a woman with curves or a bigger waistline than has been classed at the standard women should live up too. Hastily, she is aiding in consecrating the concept that women who are commonly held in a box of their own mind because seeming larger, with more curves should be seen as beautiful — and aids in creating equality through every body type, every ‘imperfection’ and beginning to love themselves for who they are in their natural state.

Thus, many youthful voices are coming to fruition by the work of the millenial community using their social media platforms to further highlight the issue of feeling insignificant to unattainable images that are presented on various areas of the internet and plastered in the minds of many simple-minded persons. Ultimately, this continouous fight for attainable beauty is coming forth into the world. Young girls and boys will soon no longer feel the need to glare into the hollows of their mirrors, questioning their meal plans for the day — their calorfic intake, if their muscles are defined enough or why water weight is making them bloated.

We all will become a harmonious whole.

A community where regardless of your colouring, shaping and dress sense, will you ever be discriminated; the only comments that will be made, will be the ones of which hold pure intentions and recieve smiles larger than the face can fit. One day we will be peaceful, and that one day may only be one more article away.

Today’s children are loving, inclusive and whole-hearted — cherishing the minds of the people who grace this earth and embracing the beautiful art pieces, of which are the passerbyers. And encaspulating, absorbing the beauty of the way they have decided to paint their canvas.

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